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  • Jennifer Crocitto

How do you overcome a mental block?

We asked our CEO, Yuval Brodsky, “How do you overcome a mental block?”

Here’s his advice:

1. Consider your approach.

If your way is not working, don’t be a slave to the framework. There are many different ways of brainstorming, generating ideas, and thinking in general. Our brain is the ultimate toolbox (check out our blog post about the brain), but as any craftsperson will tell you – you have to select the right tool for the job and know how to use it. Knowing when to use our brain capacity in the right way for the right problem is challenging – and is also the most fun 😀

If someone is asking for my help, I prompt them with questions that often help both of us uncover truths we haven’t been able to see previously.

2. Find inspiration in a variety of places.

People – People usually give me the motivation as to why bother solving the problems we encounter. My experience in clinical environments fuels me to fight hard for clinicians and patients.

Nature – Things in the natural world, such as animals, plants, wave patterns are incredible. The concept of biomimicry highlights that there is so much to learn from everything in nature, and I use these designs often.

Other industries/applications - Solutions can come from very unlikely sources. Don’t be afraid to find a new purpose for old materials or apply concepts from completely different fields to the problem you’re solving. Think back to the first principles and see where that problem has already been solved.

3. Know when to step away.

If something is not working, take a break. It is okay to step away and do what works best for you, maybe taking a walk outside in nature. Combine all your knowledge, re-group, and invent a better idea with a clear head. ‘Sleeping on it’ or stepping back from the problem allows our brains to assimilate – this is especially helpful for complex multidimensional problems, and the solution often comes to us when we’re consciously thinking about something else. Our subconscious thinking is great at solving these types of problems, we just need to give it the right conditions.

These things can be individual. It’s important to try and understand what techniques work best for you, and how you think best.

What do you think of these workarounds for overcoming a mental block? Have you used these suggestions before? Leave a comment below on methods that have been successful for you to work through a block!



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